The Adventures


This dwarven Eldritch Knight is the source of a majority of the group's damage - but is also most responsible for getting them into difficult situations. With a thick head and unwavering convictions, Greaek charges headfirst into almost any situation, often putting the lives of others above his own, and believes in his bones that they have a larger part to play in the fight for the heart of Brannis.

Growing up with no real family, this gnome Druid found comfort in the forest, and those that dwell within. Far more comfortable with plants and animals than he is with people, Sherwood tends to avoid conversation and has been known to turn into a lazy house cat simply because he can. When situations get dire, he will go as far as interrogating plant life to get the answers he needs.


Akio's dream of opening a world-famous noodle franchise was only half of the drive that lead this human Wizard to pursue a life of adventure. After losing a dear friend at university, Akio went out on his own to pursue the dark art of necromancy, desperately trying to undo that grim fate. Akio's heart was softened once more after purchasing Alfredo, his pet chicken and closest companion.

Ever the voice of reason and diplomacy, the half-elf Bard tries her best to keep her companions on track, all the while inspiring them with her melodic banjo tunes. Her greatest love is her family, and truth and loyalty mean more to her than any amount of gold or riches. She nearly became the fifth member of the famed Vince and the Zombies, until fate had other plans. 


At only 14 years old, the only thing Milo loves more than his family is his collection of twelve dogs back home in Maybrooke. After discovering his talent at sneaking and killing, this halfling is on a journey to see the world, make money, and do it all while providing his own sound effects along the way. Overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, Milo wants to be everyone's best friend - that is if he isn't there to kill you instead.

The Colonel
Discontent with retirement, this human soldier-turned-Barbarian joined the group to fight back against the powers of tyranny and corruption on the island of Norwich. A former military man, with the medals to prove it, The Colonel lost his unit after an encampment of orcs ambushed them at night, leaving him as the only survivor. What he lacks in social interactions, he makes up in pure charisma and confidence, and will be the last person to ever retreat from a fight. 


The World of Brannis



The dwarves of Vorstëad are as tough as they are stubborn. Five dwarven clans live in semi-harmony with each other, and although they may not always get along, all dwarves value honor, family, and fighting prowess above all else.



The home of the elves is also the smallest continent on Brannis. As space grew more sparse, tensions began to rise and in the middle of the First Age, a rift was formed, creating Wood Elf and High Elf factions. They have lived in isolation from each other ever since. 


The island of Dûrhaven is a the embodiment of distrust between races in Brannis. Inhabited by humans and gnomes, they lived together in harmony until the Third Age when a human dictator declared that gnomes no longer held citizenship in Dûrhaven, and were driven into isolation in the eastern forests.


The most racially-diverse of the five major islands, Norwich was founded in the mid-First Age by Waldo Dupree. Since then, the island has been an open door for any and all travelers seeking refuge, fortune, or adventure.


Seeing a halfling outside of Maybrooke is a very rare sight, as very few naturally-born citizens of the island ever leave. The halflings are a peaceful, laid-back community that is far more concerned with enjoying life than making ends meet. It's not uncommon for entire cities to function solely off of a shared resource program, rather than any type of official economy.